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Arix Laser Blade

Orderly arrangement of diamonds  ( Arix Segment)

常规 In conventional diamond saw blades, diamonds are randomly and randomly arranged in the metal matrix. Therefore, diamonds are prone to segregation and aggregation in the cutter head. In the diamond-rich area, the diamond concentration is high, the sawing force of a single diamond is small, and it is easy to be polished and worn. At the same time, it is easy to block and hinder the removal of cuttings, resulting in a decrease in sawing efficiency. Withstand excessive working load and large impact force, the diamond is easy to crack and fall off. Therefore, the diamond saw blades arranged in disorder have the problems of low sawing efficiency, short tool life, and contradictory sawing efficiency and life. In recent years, in the diamond tool industry, the design and process of orderly arrangement of diamond bits have been introduced, which can evenly arrange diamonds with optimal spacing in the production of diamond bit. The test data show that the orderly arrangement can improve the sharpness and life of the diamond saw blade at the same time, and reduce the diamond concentration and save costs.

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