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Husqvarna Diamond Grinding Segment For Husqvarna PG 280/400/450/530/680/680RC/820/820RC GrinderHusqvarna Diamond Grinding disc For Husqvarna PG 280/400/450/530/680/680RC/820/820RC GrindersBond: Soft, Medium, HardGrit: 6# 16# 36# 60# 80# 120# 220#



Diamond Concrete Floor Grinding Pad For Husqvarna Grinder Machine Receivevd Positive Feedback from USA customer

Husqvarna Floor Concrete Grinding Pad Receivevd Positive Feedback from USA customer



600mm 800mm 1000mmm 1200mm Wall Saw Blade For Interior Demolition, pluming ,electrical expansion

Diamond Wall Saw Blade with Arix Segment is one of Our company very advantage product, it received very positive feedback from clients. feature for Fast cutting speed, Laser welding with Arix Segment. Size available 600mm 800mm 825mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1600mm,1800mm. Center bore available 60mm, 25.4mm, Mounting Hole (Pin hole) available Hilti, Tyrolet Mould. Wall saw blae usually combined with Diamond Core Drill Bit to use, to fullfill the project. ​



Granite Marble Metal Abrasive

Three types of stone grinders Stone grinder is a very common machine in the stone industry. He mainly deals with the grinding and polishing of stone. There are three types of concrete stone grinders. Let's take a closer look at these three stone grinders.I. Bridge Grinding Machine The



Arix Laser Blade

Orderly arrangement of diamonds ( 常规 In conventional diamond saw blades, diamonds are randomly and randomly arranged in the metal matrix. Therefore, diamonds are prone to segregation and aggregation in the cutter head. In the diamond-rich area, the diamond concentration is high, the sawing force of



Multi Blade Cutting Positive Feedback From our Clients

Our Multi Blade received very positive feedback from our Guatemala Clients. He is using 12pcs combination to cutting Basalt.



Vacuum Brazed Diamond Tools

What Are the Benefits of Vacuum Brazed Stone Tools?Smooth - a single layer of diamond provide clean resultsUniversal - can be used on a wide range of materials - no specific bond required for materialsDurable - a strong bond is made through the brazing process extending the life of the toolSpeed - e



Diamond Tool Selection Guide

Diamond Tool Selection Guide1. Reasonable selection of diamond tools is of great significance for improving work efficiency and reducing processing costs, and there are many factors that affect the cutting performance of saw blades. Please pay attention when purchasing.2. The function of the diamond



Rubber Coated Diamond Wire Saw

The emergence of diamond wire saw mining technology in stone mining is undoubtedly a revolution in stone mining. This technology has the following advantages for mining of stone mines: high mining efficiency, safety and environmental protection during operation; high mining yield, regular blocks, no



Precautions during concrete floor construction

Precautions during concrete floor constructionThe main feature of the concrete seal curing agent is its superior wear resistance. The hardened floor after completion can carry the high frequency use of various forklifts and trailers. For industrial floors that r

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