Choosing A Proper Tool
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Choosing A Proper Tool

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When choosing a diamond tool you should be guided by the following factors:

The type of equipment applied

The type and the dimensions of the diamond tools used on the equipment

The type of fitting that is used on the equipment (a hole diameter, a thread etc.)

The main cutting modes that your equipment provides

The material processed, and it's main characteristics

The dimensions of the blank processed or characteristics of the processing

The diamond tool efficiency, first of all depends on the metal powder composition and the hardness of the diamonds applied. If the metal bond is soft in regard to the diamonds and to the material processed such bond wears off easily. During work with such instruments, the diamonds would fall out from the bond not having worked completely their life time.

If the metal bond is Hard (solid and wear-resistant) in regard to the diamonds and to the material processed, the diamonds would be polished, blunt and would not fall out from the bond. In this case the tool loses its cutting abilities, its productivity decreases dramatically. Such way of working is called 'dulling'.

One more reason that may lead to the loss of the diamond tool functionality is a violation of the modes on the cutting speed, on the supply speed and the cutting depth, etc. So, when choosing a tool, its necessary to find out whether it fits for the material processing, and whether the equipment would provide the necessary modes for its working.

Only with these two conditions provided you can receive the maximal efficiency of the diamond tool applied.



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