Diamond Wire Sawing / Wire Cutting
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Diamond Wire Sawing / Wire Cutting

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Wire Sawing / Wire Cutting

The latest and most modern wire cutting machines available on the market is used to cut through heavily reinforced concrete. There is no limit to the thickness of concrete that can be cut by making use of the wire sawing technique, as long as the wire can be “looped” around the structure. In many cases a “loop” is created by drilling through the structure that needs to be cut.

  • Cut very large structures

  • Cut fast and effectively

  • Be used in confined areas

  • provide very powerful hydraulic drilling

Benefits of wire cutting

  • Very fast cutting method.

  • Cuts unlimited structure sizes.

  • Low noise emission.

  • Cost effective compared to conventional demolishing methods.

  • Can work in confined areas.

  • No vibration

  • Leaves a smooth cutting surface.


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