Granite Marble Metal Abrasive
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Granite Marble Metal Abrasive

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Granite Marble Metal Abrasive

 The Process of Granite or Marble Polishing in Automatic Polishing Line

  1. observe the flatness of the slab cut from block, if it is uneven, Metal bond  Fickert or Frankfurt

    need to be use, from grit 36# 60# 120# 220#

  2. Then use resin bond fickert or Frankfurt and Buff, grit will be 400# 800# 4000# according to your require of shining. 


  3. Just send a photo of your stone surface condition cut from block, and how shining effect you want, 

    BEST DIAMOND TOOLS  will select premium solution for your polishing process, easy and cost-saving.

automatic polishing line

abrasive block


frankfurt (2)

resin bond frankfurt


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