Precautions during concrete floor construction
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Precautions during concrete floor construction

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                                      Precautions during concrete floor construction

The main feature of the concrete seal curing agent is its superior wear resistance. The hardened floor after completion can carry the high frequency use of various forklifts and trailers. For industrial floors that require high wear resistance, concrete sealant floors are the best choice. So where do you need to pay attention when constructing concrete seals?




1. Do not use fine sand on the ground surface mortar.


The ground must withstand various pressures, friction, and impact, and must have certain strength and wear resistance. Coarse sand and medium sand are better than fine sand in strength and wear resistance. The fine sand mixed mortar has large shrinkage and is easy to crack. Water retention is also poor, which is not conducive to calendering. The mud content of the sand should not exceed 3%, otherwise it will reduce the strength of the mortar and lead to sanding.




2. Have enough maintenance time


The quality of maintenance has a great relationship with the quality of the ground. The general curing time is more than 7 days; the curing time is not enough. If the water is evaporated in the dry air, it will slow down or even stop hardening. The surface mortar can not reach the design strength, and sanding is inevitable. Similarly, premature use when the intensity is low will inevitably interrupt the maintenance, affect the strength growth, and the surface layer will be damaged.


3. Strict control of water-cement ratio


The size of the water-cement ratio directly affects the mortar strength. The water-cement ratio is too large, the ground strength is low, the ground surface is rough, not wear-resistant, easy to sand, excess free water evaporates, causing capillary pores on the cement slurry surface layer, reducing the compactness of the concrete seal curing agent, and easy to wear. Sanding.




4. Winter construction of cement floor


Strictly speaking, concrete seal curing agents are still avoided in winter construction. If winter must be constructed, it should be protected from freezing. Also ensure that the temperature of the construction environment should be above 5 °C. Concrete base is also not suitable for construction under low temperature conditions. Since the volume of the base mortar is expanded after being frozen, the void ratio becomes large, and loose particles are formed, and the strength of the surface layer is greatly lowered, and as a result, sanding occurs when used. Another factor to consider when sealing concrete at or near 10 degrees Celsius is the type of solvent in which the sealing material is placed. Because the temperature is the catalyst, the lower the temperature, the slower the cure rate of the concrete sealant. When the temperature becomes lower, replacing the sealing material using a high-speed solvent helps prevent problems. In addition, it is recommended to use spray and rolling coating when using concrete seal curing agent at low temperature, because it can form a uniform, light and thin coating for curing.




5. Use ordinary Portland cement as much as possible


Compared with slag cement and volcanic ash cement, ordinary Portland cement has the advantages of good water retention, small shrinkage and high early strength, which is beneficial to ensure the quality of the ground and construction progress.




6. Prohibition of use of expired cement and damp cement


Cement with a shelf life of more than three months is called expired cement. When the expired cement is used on the ground surface layer, its strength, hardness and wear resistance will be significantly reduced, resulting in sanding. Moisture-absorbing cement is a phenomenon in which cement and water condense into a block, so that the activity is greatly reduced, the cementation performance is poor, and the quality is worse than that of the expired cement, so it cannot be used on the ground surface layer.



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