Rubber Coated Diamond Wire Saw
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Rubber Coated Diamond Wire Saw

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The emergence of Diamond Wire Saw  technology in stone mining is undoubtedly a revolution in stone mining. This technology has the following advantages for mining of stone mines: high mining efficiency, safety and environmental protection during operation; high mining yield, regular blocks, no internal damage, large-sized blocks can be mined; and the overall mining cost is low.

        The promotion of this technology in China can greatly change the current status of high energy consumption, low output, low yield, small size of blocks, and unsafe and environmentally friendly mining in China.

       1.According to the different types of stones, we can provide suitable carcass formula and bead specifications;

        2. Our self-developed special rubber and vulcanization process ensure the working requirements of the wire saw in various harsh environments.



        The use of rubber ropes for granite mining has the following advantages: rubber and steel ropes have a better binding force, are more firmly bonded, and can withstand the impact of harsh work; rubber has good temperature resistance, and high frequency brazing machines can adapt Use when there is insufficient cooling water, such as working in water mist conditions; strong flexibility, reduce uneven wear in the use of beads, and more suitable for smaller radius of curvature. Granite mines usually use 37-75KW wire saw mine mining equipment, and the water volume is controlled at 25-50L / min according to the cutting surface.


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