Useful using suggestions for Diamond wire Saw Cutting Tools
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Useful using suggestions for Diamond wire Saw Cutting Tools

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Reason and Solution For Wire Breakage




1. Connection come off,  connection mismatching,  improper crimping (repeated crimping or unfastening), deformation of the stamper, severe joint wear or fatigue, excessive tension of the wire saw (high current)



2. Wire Cable breakage, rubber damage(steel wire leakage and getting rust), wire cable exposed at the butt joint,wire severely vibration.



1. Crimping and Connecting the wire saw according to requirement.

2. Regularly check the joint and stampers and replace them in time.

3. Adjusting the wire saw cutting process.

4. The flywheel or guide wheel rubber pad is damaged and replaced in time.

5. Improve the quality of the rubber bond.



Reason and Solution For Diamond Wire Saw Partial Grinding (Thickness difference>0.2mm)


1. The number of twists is not enough

2. The tension is too large

3. The line speed is too low



1. Cut and re-twist,increase the number of laps appropriately.

2. Reduce the feed current and reduce the tension.

3. Adjust the line speed appropriately.


Reason and Solution For Diamond Beads getting loose and Move


1. Diamond Beads are loosened by abnormal external forces(by being stone pressed, and injured when the rope is broken)

2. The rubber getting softten becuase of lack of water.

3. Poor rubber bonding,Poor grip on beads.




1. Standardize the wire saw cutting process and regularlly check the wire saw(a check record is available)

2. Ensure that the cooling water is sufficient.

3. Improve rubber properties(manufacturing process, materials, etc.)



Reason and Solution for Large bead taper (front and rear end diameter difference >/= 0.2mm



1. The current is too large and the feed rate is too large.

2. Cutting line speed is low

3. Wrong cutting direction



1. Reduce the feed current

2. Appropriately increase the line speed.

3. Diamond sharpen direction should be same as the stone cutting direction.


Reason and Solution for diamond wire polished and slipped.


1. The line speed is too high

2. Too much cooling water

3. The poor sharpen of wire saw

4. Bond not adapt for stone.



1. Appropriately reduce the line speed.

2. Reduce the cooling water

3. Make sufficient sharpen for diamond wire

4. Adjust the formular for the stone



Reason and Solution for Wire Saw Stuck


1. Unreasonable Rope connection, the diameter deviation of the rope is too large.

2. The cutting slot is not cleaned and the gravel  is stuck.

3. The quarry body is squeezed during the sawing process, causing it to become stuck.




1. Require the wire beads diameter to be always( or nearly consistent)

2. The cutting slot is cleaned thoroughly and  prevent other debris from falling into it.

3. Use the wedge to support the quarry body during saw process.


Reason and Solution for Short life



1. The sawing area is small, especially the opening width is samll, and the cutting arc is large.

2. Beads are not evenly worn, such as eccentric wear, taper, etc.

3. Wire saw frequently close up, increasing wear and tear.

4. Cut into metal or diamond segment missing in the cutting slot.

5. Diamond wire saw formular is not suitable for the stone.



1. When planning the mining, choose a reasonable mining area according to the working conditions..

2. Standardize operation to avoid uneven wear.

3. Old rope instead of closing.

4. Ensure that no metal or diamond segment remains when cleanign the cutting slot.

5. Choose the right formular or specification for the product.







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