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Diamond Saw Blade

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DIAMOND QUALITY-YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FORLow quality synthetic diamondsweaker crystals with irregular shapeshorter life & lower cutting rateslower thermal stabilitydoes not handle steel & hard aggregates welljagged points that break causing faster wear & lower cutting & drilling performancewidely us



Extending the Lives of Your Diamond Blades

However, diamond blades are also highly specialised pieces of equipment, and their storage and cleaning requirements can be quite different to those of traditional steel or titanium-tipped blades. Do your best to adhere to the following general guidelines, which should help you get the most out of y



Tips and Advice for Diamond Blade Beginners

Diamond blades are popularly used for cutting asphalt and performing other construction tasks. If you are new to cutting asphalt or diamond blade, there is a lot of information pertaining to beginners that you should know. Here are some tips to get you started.1. Use the Right BladeIt may seem like



Troubleshooting Of Segment Discs

Face WobblingReasons:Deformed coreFace wobbling of clamping and supporting flanges or drive spindleInsufficient core hardnessNo parallelism of tool movement relatively to materialInsufficient tool fixation.Radial WobblingReasons:Radial wobbling of alighting spindle or adapter ringA hole/alighting sp

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