10 Segment Concrete Floor Grinding Discs
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10 Segment Concrete Floor Grinding Discs

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    Trapezoid Double Square diamond grinding shoes for grinding or polishing concrete surfaces. Trapezoid Double Square grinding shoes are brazed and deliver fast grinding speed for aggressive concrete cleaning, smoothing, and coating removal. Double Square grinding shoes are available in 10 x 10 x 40mm Segmented pads. You can also choose soft, medium, or hard bond and grit sizes from 6 to 300. They are used with floor grinding machines for all types of concrete. Dry or wet use.

    Installation: the back of the grinding wheel has a sticky Velcro attached directly to the Velcro.

Applicable models: grinding machine chassis can be used to stick velcro

Uses: used in a variety of concrete ground, terrazzo, stone and other floor leveling, coarse grinding, grinding fine polishing to do the basic processing.

Note: Customers can request custom LOGO, the shape of the head, installation and so on.

10-Segment-Concrete-Floor-Grinding-Discs (1)10-Segment-Concrete-Floor-Grinding-Discs (2)10-Segment-Concrete-Floor-Grinding-Discs (3)10-Segment-Concrete-Floor-Grinding-Discs (4)10-Segment-Concrete-Floor-Grinding-Discs (5)10-Segment-Concrete-Floor-Grinding-Discs



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