W Shape Diamond Segment for Granite Stone
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W Shape Diamond Segment for Granite Stone

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Product Description
  *Unique  W design of segment,the V slot allows ideal debris removal and better cooling,reduces cutting friction,which will keep good cutting sharpness and high cutting efficency.Besides,this creative design will minimize cutting noise.
      *Good cutting result.This special design will not alloe easy edge collapse,break,tapered slab etc.
 *This product is widely used for cutting stone.

Specification Core Thickness Segment Dimension Segment Number Application Note
Φ300 2.2/2.0 40*3.2*15(20) 21 Granite Silent or Non Silent
Φ350 2.4/2.2 40*3.4*15(20) 24
Φ400 2.8/2.4 40*3.6*15(20) 28
Φ450 2.8/2.6 40*3.8*15(20) 32
Φ500 3.2/2.8 40*4.2*15(20) 36
Φ550 3.2/3.0 40*4.2*15(20) 38
Φ600 3.6/3.2 40*4.6*15(20) 42
Φ650 4.0/3.6 40*5.0*15(20) 46
Φ700 4.0/3.8 40*5.0*15(20) 50
Φ800 4.5/4.2 40*6.0*15(20) 57

*Other specifications are also available upon request.

W-Shape-Diamond-Segment-for-Granite-Stone (1)W-Shape-Diamond-Segment-for-Granite-Stone (2)W-Shape-Diamond-Segment-for-Granite-Stone (3)W-Shape-Diamond-Segment-for-Granite-StoneW-Shape-Diamond-Segment-for-Granite-Stone (4)

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