concrete copper for diamond saw blade
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concrete copper for diamond saw blade

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Product Description

Specifications segment size segment number core diameter
300mm 40x3.0x12 21
350mm 40x3.2x12 24
400mm 40x3.6x12 28 20
450mm 40x4.0x12 32 22.23
500mm 40x4.2x12 36 25.4
600mm 40x4.6x12 42 30.5
650mm 40x4.6x12 46 50
700mm 40x4.8x12 50 60
750mm 40x5.5x12 54
800mm 40x5.5x12 57

    Reinforced Concrete Green Concrete Diamond Saw Blade, Concrete Cutting Blade, Concrete Cutting Disc Idea for Wet/Dry conditions Cutting in: Concrete, Masonry, Stone, Asphalt, Retractories and Granite Steel core is made from high alloy, heat-treated steel. ensuring clean cuts as well as a disc operation that is characterized by smoothness and a low level of vibrations.

   Laser welding  ensures the safety operating;Narrow water slot ,ensures the stable cutting and get smooth edge;used for processing concrete or reinforce concrete.

sintered or laser weld saw blade 1sintered or laser weld saw blade 2

Produce Process


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